Alternative Hair Replacement of AlabamaAlternative Hair Replacement of Alabama

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You've wondered how they really did it on those commercials. You've wondered how honest they are. We are right here in Daphne Alabama and we are a friendly and open place to come in and get answers. Have a cup of coffee and relax. Let's talk self interests, hobbies and hair in a private setting. So ditch the typical commercial attack and let us give it to you plainly with simple everyday southern speech either in person or with us via our video FAQ you can find in right here on the website in the top or bottom menus. Our clients are all over Mobile, Pensacola and Mississippi. You've seen them on TV and around town. So keep it simple, watch our FAQ and call or contact us today. 


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Alternative Hair Replacement of Alabama

Everyone told me I should do something. 

I'm a cross trainer who likes to have fun and I've been told many times I should try being a model. I'm a humble guy but with a push from my wife I decided to look into it. Got myself into a toothpaste ad but I kept getting told that hair would make all the difference. They even told me where to go. LIFE - CHANGER!!! My wife has gone nuts. She loves the way I look. I do too. I should have done this a long time ago. I owe you guys big time.

Adam, age 34

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