Our Veralex and Immix frequently asked question series. 

As the Veralex and Immix hair replacement methods are the core of our business, we have produced a simple and plain talk series to answer some of the most asked questions about these methods. These are the most popular choices for clients because they are the only methods available today that are guaranteed to give you exactly the hair you want from density, type, pattern, gray percentage, wave and look. Feel free to use the contact form to ask another question and submit, then check back for an updated answer.

Enjoy the questions and let us know if you have more.

Randy and Bonnie introduce the FAQ

Why Alternative Hair Replacement vs others?

Best ways to contact AHR?

How do I get started?

How long has AHR been here?

Is the procedure painful and is it reversible?

How long will it take to have my hair?

How long is the appointment day of my new hair?

Will my new hair grow?

Where do I go for haircuts?

How durable is the hair?

Sounds too good to be true, is this a gimmic?

How private will this be for me?

Watch as Randy shows some hair versatility.

Some fun with the AHR Veralex process (non-surgical grafting).