The stigma of wearing ‘rugs’ has not gone away which is unfortunate because with so many people getting work done, going to the gym, having augmentations, botox, wrinkle creams working out and so on it’s a shame the taboo feeling is still attached to wearing hair. Especially when hair done right is less noticeable than the rest. The stigma came because the ‘wigs’ from the past looked so unnatural and probably made balding men and women look even worse. Which is why we, and others in our business, do not call modern ‘hair systems’ wigs or hair pieces. They just flat out look too good. This technology was designed to be undetectable and look and behave like real hair. They are the ‘wigs’ of the film stars of before, now available for the common man. When done right they look and feel amazing and allow you to go out and enjoy yourself with nobody the wiser. People still do hair systems and they still look great if they’ll do them right but we don’t recommend them. Not if you want to have people run their fingers through your hair and pull your hair and dare them to know what you do. But… moving on.

The advantage of hair systems is that they make your hair look the way it used to look, or the way you want it to look. This is not something you can get with surgery, topicals or laser.

Hair systems use human hair attached to thin base materials which are stuck to your head with adhesive, tape, or even clips for the ladies and some men. The best hair systems are not visible even from up close and have been used in Hollywood for decades. People who really like their hair systems are very reluctant to change, even when introduced and shown the Veralex method. Wind and water will not dislodge your hair system and you can wear it for over a month at a time much like the Veralex. Hair systems get a bad rap because of the way many system clients see themselves. Some people see what they want to see and see something very different in the mirror than what everyone else sees. Sometimes they grow too attached to their look and after years and even decades they won’t change with the time gone by so they hang on to their ‘old style’ and it can start to look just wrong. No longer age appropriate, no longer color correct etc. This is why the stigma of the ‘tupe’ or hair piece. People claim to be able to pick them out of a crowd but that is not true at all. They will only pick improperly implemented hair out of the crowd. But, then, so can we all.

Hair systems can work with any kind of hair loss, though if you want a hair system for baldness caused by chemotherapy, it is a good idea to order a system two months before you expect your hair loss to start, so the manufacturer or retailer can look at your natural hair and design a similar system that is ready when you need it but most of the time can be ordered and done in just a few days.

Here at AHR we have clients who have been with us for 20 and more years and still LOVE their hair system. Most have gone to the Veralex method but when you have something that looks great and you like sometimes you just don’t mess with a good thing.  😎