Curious about how well our process works? Alternate Hair Replacement of Alabama is happy to show off some of our successful cases. Browse through our before and after photos below to learn more about our hair removal techniques.

  • I was very self-conscious around women.

    Before I got married, I was very self-conscious around women and I never went swimming at the pool. I was always afraid my hair would be messed up and I would have to fix it. Being so self-conscious was also affecting my work. AHR changed everything. I’m much more sure of myself now and people are always telling me how great I look. My wife says she loves to take me out and show me off. That’s a great feeling. – Adam, age 34

  • I’m the one who suggests we go out on the town instead of staying in and watching TV.

    I had always been an active person, very much into water sports like barefoot skiing and knee boarding. But I got discouraged about getting so bald. For instance, a lot or people didn’t recognize me at our class reunion; and when I went out with my friends to bars and such, the girls would tend to notice them instead of me. It was, without a doubt, because of my hair loss. As a go for it type of guy I wanted a full head of hair again yet I wasn’t about to let it interfere with my outdoor lifestyle. AHR did a great job of restoring my hair…my looks. I noticed a dramatic change in my relationship with Lisa. I never knew she felt the way she did about my hair loss. – Dave, age 32

  • It’s tough to connect when you don’t feel good about the way you look.

    I was the only one in my family losing hair. I my work, I deal with people all day and it’s tough to connect when you don’t feel good about the way you look. I decided to do something about my hair loss and then I told everyone at the office that I was going to do it. And you know, they were all gung ho about it. I chose the skin graft method and since I’ve had the process, it’s really changed the way I feel. – Glen

  • I was treated with professionalism, and I was relieved to find out what my options were.

    As a landscape architect it’s important that my presentations to clients be as professional as possible. I didn’t realize the extent of my hair loss until I saw the video of our sites was me. It was sometimes difficult for me to give a confident presentation when I was pre-occupied with my hair loss. My wife was supportive and told me if my hair loss was bothering me, I should go ahead and explore my options. – Jeff, age 40

  • It was a relief to not have to wear my wigs anymore.

    When I met Bonnie I was desperate. I was wearing a wig and though it made me feel better than having the hair loss that I did, over the years I realized the one thing about wearing a wig is that it usually looks like you’re wearing a wig. Sure you can look much better than the alternative but one bad “wig” day and everyone knows that it’s a wig. I wish I had found AHR sooner. Bonnie is so knowledgeable about hair loss with women. – Jennifer, age 49

  • I can do anything I want…all the things I used to do.

    Would you believe that two years ago I didn’t have much hair? It’s true, and I was asking myself, “why me?” I was only 19 when I started losing my hair. That’s when I started getting into hats; big time! They were sort of like my security blanket. So people would quit looking at the top of my shiny head. You know how they glance up? Especially, women. I was an angry guy, and didn’t really know why. I resented losing my hair. – Justin, age 37

  • I had resigned myself that I would stay home as much as I could and was very depressed.

    Who would have ever known that it could be so affordable and easy to do? And the freedom of not having to worry about taking off a wig or worry about swimming and showering with my husband looking at me funny. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you Bonnie. You have given me my old self back. I know you hear that daily but through tears I must tell you that you are an angel to me. – Kathy, age 36

  • I love to scratch my head. Sometimes I do it just to bring attention to my hair.

    Before I went to AHR I used to stare in the mirror each morning wondering how I was going to cover up my receding hairline that day. Never thought I would be using a brush again. I still can’t believe I have my full hairline back…and it’s been over a year. It’s my hair again…looks just the way it did before I started losing it. Even better! And no matter how close you get, you would never know the difference. – Kenneth, age 45

  • My playing is better and I’m meeting more people.

    I’m a concert pianist and how I look is very important to me. My hair loss in my early 30’s was obvious. I realized that my career was a bit dampened. I covered it up the best I could but a hat with a coat and tie was a little too dramatic, especially indoors. I didn’t know what else I could do. I was mistaken for my father’s brother on a number of occasions. That’s very embarrassing. But since I met Bonnie and Randy my entire attitude has changed. – Michael, age 49


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