Realistic Solutions To Hair Loss

Here on our website you can get basic information about all of the available solutions to hair loss today. Not all will work for everyone and not all are ideal for everyone. It is our hope that our site can guide you in the right direction for the solution that is right for you. The best way to do this would be to take a free consultation with us so that we can get some background and history of your individual situation and use our experience to help you decide.

So here are the only solutions with credible claim to work we have today.

  • Veralex (non-surgical grafting) is the least invasive way to restore your hair. We utilize hair grafts that are created from 100% human hair and can be used to complement anyone’s existing hair density, color, and scalp tone. Our non-surgical grafting solution Veralex 2.0 is the most recent hair restoration break-through-it ensures that your hair grafts look and feel completely natural.
  • Hair transplants require surgically removing hair from a donor area and transplanting them to needed areas. While donor hairs will not fall out, a person’s remaining regular hair could continue to thin or fall out, so they may need several transplants.
  • Immix hair methods are used for hair loss with women but for ladies who wear ‘extensions’ Immix is a FAR better option to add volume, highlights, or low-lights to make your hair look thick and natural, as well.
  • Topicals and Ingestables such as  Rogaine and Propecia are the only two FDA approved medicinal treatments for hair loss. Rogaine does not stimulate new hair growth, but it can delay hair loss. Propecia tends to be more effective than Rogaine in delaying hair loss, and in a few cases, it has been claimed to produce new hair growth.
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a non-surgical option for treating hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, and various scalp issues. It has been medically tested, effective, and proven to treat/control problem hair loss in some people. Laser hair therapy delivers light energy directly to a person’s scalp and increases the blood flow.
  • Hair Systems are the ‘hair pieces’ of yesterday’s Hollywood. They stay on for a month at a time and look great when they are done right but have been replaced by non-surgical grafting method that is far superior to the hair system.

Each has it’s own merit but not each is for, nor will help, everyone. A free consultation can guide you to your solution and give you answers as to what is realistic and what is practical. But rest assured, there is one for you. 

If you are searching for affordable and successful hair replacement solutions, visit Alternative Hair Replacement today. We are locally owned and operated and have assisted individuals suffering from hair loss since our establishment in 1995. Please contact us at 251-621-9199251-621-9199 to schedule a free consultation!