Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation involves removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and relocating them to a bald or thinning area. Donor areas are the sides and rear of the scalp. It has gotten better over the years.

Thankfully, “hair plugs” are a thing of the past, but it’s important for patients to realize that today’s hair transplants still don’t always turn out the way they should. The biggest problem is that many unqualified doctors (many of which are not certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) offer this procedure. The risks for hair transplant patients include surgical complications, infections, scarring, poor density and unnatural looking results. Another problem is that many doctors and large national clinics still mostly perform the traditional type of transplant called the “strip” or “linear” harvest technique instead of the less invasive “follicular-unit extraction” (also called FUE). With a strip-harvest procedure, a long linear strip of the scalp is removed (“harvested”) from the back of the head in order to supply the permanent follicles for redistribution. Patients are left with a permanent linear scar –like the one actor Jeremy Piven was spotted with back in 2010. This procedure can be painful and requires considerable downtime and activity restrictions during healing. Ultimately Jeremy Piven, considering the density of hair you see in the ‘after’ pictures, ended up with a Veralex non-surgical grafting procedure.

Hair transplants boast something that NO OTHER method can. It is the only method that puts growing hair where it previously stopped growing. And for many, that is enough. Sometimes all we want is coverage and don’t care much after that. Just don’t let me see the bald on top of my head. The right candidate can get this with a transplant.

Benefits Of Transplant Surgery, Include:

  • Your hair will grow.
  • Repeated visits to the clinic will be fewer if ever.
  • Maintenance may me much less.
  • You are free to get your hair serviced by anyone or even at home.

The top item on this list is PARAMOUNT and can’t be understated, to the good or that bad. It is the only way to get hair to grow where it previously stopped or did not grow. At least not guaranteed. While laser treatments, topicals, ingestables, dietary changes and scalp care can help or supplement hair growth there is no other method that can be stated that absolutely makes anyone’s hair grow on top again.

That being said it is even more paramount that the thoroughness with which consideration is made is taken with the most care of any other methods. So we need to be sure to address this method with the ‘pros and cons’ mindset to make sure you are very careful and don’t end up coming to us for help afterward. We can, will and have helped many people who had hair transplants that did not live up to what was hoped for.

Obviously we don’t here from those who are happy with their transplants but we really hope there are many out there because it is hard to see people who spent the time, effort and invasive regimen a transplant takes only to end up with us in the end anyway.

Possible Drawbacks To Transplant Surgery, Include:

  • You can not know how often, or when, you will have to return for more grafts.
  • You can not know the quality or wave, color, texture of the hair that will grow.
  • If you run out of donor hair you may end up with an unnatural look.
  • It is NOT reversible.
  • You lose options like the ‘shaved head’ look and other methods are now lost to you do to the scarring left behind.
  • Start-up costs are very high compared to other options.

It is very important to seek a board certified doctor and one that will NOT allow the actual work to be done by anyone else but himself or another board certified doctor. Make this clear if you should have a consultation with a hair restoration doctor.

If you and your doctor have determined that hair transplants are the best option for you, you can feel comfortable knowing that board-certified plastic surgeons have been successfully performing this type of procedure for more than thirty years. When hair transplants are done well they are fantastic.

While we do not offer surgical transplants here at AHR we do advise with an unbiased professional consultation. We can guide you to the right method for you. We previously worked in conjunction with a doctor with referrals where we’d refer a potential candidate to him and he’d refer those who he felt was not a candidate or was too high risk for the procedure but, while we had every faith in him, we were advised that any malpractice lawsuit that may come up would have us on as liable along with the doctor and clinic. Working with this doctor on this basis gave us an added benefit of some insight into what a good candidate for hair restoration surgery might be.

A free, private, consultation to explore all of your options is quick and easy and while we can’t tell you if you ARE a candidate for transplants we can certainly tell you if you might be and to take a consultation but we can definitely tell some that they aren’t.

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