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Listen to some of our actual Veralex clients and the reactions of a panel of women as they describe how they feel about hair loss before and after they see and feel some of our end results.

It is interesting to see the ladies reactions to the men after the procedure. The ladies will tell how they feel about seeing men who are losing their hair. Some of the ladies are quite straight forward with their thoughts and some are a bit more subdued but there is no doubt that they feel totally different about men with a full head of hair as opposed to men losing their hair. The women will be shown pictures of men with hair loss and asked to rate them on the ‘Pathetic Scale’ as far as appearance only. Their reactions are a little mean, a little sad and a lot funny.

Then see their reactions to the men when introduced to the men in person, unknowing to the women. The guys are shown the comments made by the ladies and it’s fun to watch from there. Some ladies are quite embarrassed and some are quite contrite but they are all amazed at the change in appearance of the guys.

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