Veralex Non-Surgical Grafting

This is what we primarily do here at AHR. Randy and Bonnie moved AHR in a direction that made us exclusively a Veralex office following a visit to Seattle years ago where they visited American Image, a hair replacement company in Bellevue Washington where they discovered the Veralex method. Randy had the method done on himself and instantly knew that he’d take the company in a whole different direction. We still offer Laser treatments in conjunction with our Regen products that are minoxidil based plus we also have clients who still love their hair systems from yesteryear. We even have other options for our ladies but we are a Veralex business first and foremost.

Veralex is the chosen method of Hollywood and millions of men across the country. Actors from John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Ben Aflec have been doing Veralex for years. Brandon Frasier (The Mummy) Stallone and many others use the Veralex method. So why haven’t you heard of this method? Well… we are not a ‘word of mouth’ business or industry. When our clients leave our office NOBODY knows what they do and they want to keep it that way. And we do everything in our power to ablige them.

So what exactly is the Veralex method?

Well the best way to describe it in text is a super fine, ‘second layer’ of skin that is invisible with human hair individually grafted into it that is melded to your scalp with the hair in the grafting. Once it’s there it isn’t going anywhere. Pull your hair, swim, dance, camp, play, sleep, work, ride and enjoy life the same way you have been. Only do it with hair. It’s so natural feeling and looking you will forget you even come see us.

Here is an example of how versatile you can expect your hair to be.

Some of our clients in a little experiment we did years ago. 

It’s been almost 15 years now since we did this but listen to some of our actual Veralex clients and the reactions of a panel of women as they describe how they feel about hair loss before and after they see and feel some of our end results.

Glen had a bad experience with a hair system and while he stepped up to the Veralex method he’s a bit harsh on his view of the hair system. When done right they can look great. I will not mention where he went when he had that method done but he ended up here with our Veralex and he’s really a cool guy.

It is interesting to see the ladies reactions to the men after the procedure. The ladies will tell how they feel about seeing men who are losing their hair. Some of the ladies are quite straight forward with their thoughts and some are a bit more subdued but there is no doubt that they feel totally different about men with a full head of hair as opposed to men losing their hair. The women will be shown pictures of men with hair loss and asked to rate them on the ‘Pathetic Scale’ as far as appearance only. Their reactions are a little mean, a little sad and a lot funny. We remember joking at the time that if we can pass their harshness then we are doing pretty good.

Then see their reactions to the men when introduced to the men in person, unknowing to the women. The guys are shown the comments made by the ladies and it’s fun to watch from there. Some ladies are quite embarrassed and some are quite contrite but they are all amazed at the change in appearance of the guys.

Our Veralex panel from a while back. 

Here is a little fun we had and a quick idea of what the Veralex is. 

Never let it be said that we don’t have a sense of humor. A dry, bland, dorky kind of … well … humor.

As you can see in this video this is quick and easy (about an hour and a half including the curing lights) compared to Transplants. You can relax, have some coffee, hot tea or a coke and listen to your favorite music or chat us up. One thing anyone will tell you about us is, while we are professionals, we like to talk. We’ve known most of our clients for many years. You should see our client Christmas party, it’s so much fun having cocktails and dancing and carrying on. If a client would come it would be even better… cause… they want to stay anonymous, remember……….. 😐 ……Yup stick to our day jobs……. Which we LOVE.

Randy just can’t help himself.